signs that shows a woman is in love with you

10 Things A Woman Will Do When She Is In Love With You


Signs that Shows a Woman is in Love with You: When a woman has feelings for you, it is not so hard to realize. This is because she will always be illustrating it no matter how hard she tries to maintain it because most women don’t know how to maintain their emotions.

A woman who really loves a man won’t know how to conceal her feelings. Once a woman falls in love with you, she can do certain stuff that proves that she is in love with you.

It is only a woman who truly loves you who would do these 10 things.

Signs that Shows a Woman is in Love with You

1). She Will Always Want To Be Around You.

Any woman who doesn’t love you from the depth of her heart won’t want to be around you. It is only a woman who has feelings for you and want to be with you forever who would always want to be around you at all time, even if she has to skip some of her appointments.

2). When There Is An Opportunity For You Guys To Kiss, She Will Do That Right Away.

When you are in a situation whereby the two of you have to kiss, she would be the first to do that. Only a girl who has feelings for you will be so bold to kiss you.

3). She Will Tell You Deep Things About Herself.

Women are more secretive than any other creature. When a woman sits a man down to tell him things she won’t tell any other person, it means that she truly loves him, she truly has feelings for him.

4). She Will Want To Touch You All The Time.

Any slight chance she has, she would use it by wanting to touch you. Be it when you are talking or strolling together, she would want contact between both of you. So whenever you notice this, it means she has feelings for you.

5). She Will Want You To Walk Her Home At All Time That Is If She Is Not Living With You.

When a woman doesn’t have feelings for you, she would never allow you to walk her home even if you offer to. But when she has feelings for you, she will always want you to escort her on her way home even if she has to beg you.

6). She Will Always Maintain A Close Contact With You At All Time.

A girl who loves you will always want to stay very close to you whenever you are together. She won’t distance herself from you, rather she will always maintain a close distance.

7).  She Will Make Sure There Is Always Eye Contact Between The Both Of You Anytime You Two Are Close To Each Other.

8).  She Will Laugh Out Aloud Whenever You Tell Her Jokes.

9).  She Will Want To Be With You Alone.

10).  When She Is In Your Apartment, She Will Feels At Home And Very Safe.

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